Right Place Right Food with Menulog

Right Place Right Food with Menulog

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I love Chinese food; the sesame seed chicken with rice and egg rolls are on top of my list. I probably used to order Chinese food once every month or sometimes when my cravings inclines, I used to make it twice. Of course, I needed to find one place that I would always prefer but I haven’t until I randomly found this online restaurant finder; Menulog Australia. The best thing about this site is you are offered to utilize Menulog coupon codes to get discounts on your order. You can even find 50% off Menulog voucher codes to bring comfort to your life.

I did not used to order from the same place all the time. I kept on changing the restaurants to have variations in taste of food. I neither had the number of any specific place nor did I remember the location I have been before. I just used to Google the Chinese food and order from nearest location. Even I did not have a favorite Chinese place that I consistently order my food from.

Six month back, I and my boyfriend wanted to eat Chinese food so we called up to a nearby restaurant which was open. It was a Chinese restaurant in my locality; I called there twice which clearly showed how destructive their services are.  They made us wait for two hours or more to go for the delivery and the food was pathetic in taste that I ended up puking and with food poisoning. It took me two weeks to recover from stomach disorder. This online restaurant totally devastated my faith in local Chinese food restaurants.

I took 2 months to recover from this illness. Three months after this incident, one day I was craving for Chinese food and it was midnight so I couldn’t go out on my own to get it for myself. I wanted to order food from internet, but I couldn’t because of my last upsetting experience. I called my friend who is also very fond of Chinese food and asked her about good Chinese restaurants and she told me about Menulog.

It is a restaurant finder in Australia, which is featuring more than 9000+ local restaurants. Either its Chinese or Indian, any kind of food is available on this online website. Here you can easily order from your favorite outlets and the delivery would be right on time and with no charges. Also, they maintained the quality of the food by keeping it warm and hygienic.

I searched Chinese restaurants and a long list of restaurants appeared. I randomly chose one and placed my order from there. The food was extremely delicious and tempting. It literally restored my faith in online ordering food services otherwise last experience would have convinced me to never go for food until you have seen it processing in front of your eyes.

Menulog has been one of the life savior and now I order everything I feel like eating without even giving it a second thought through this service. I call myself a Menulog loyal customer and trust the platform with utmost faith now.


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